When You Just Have to Write…

Sometimes as a writer, a story, or a poem, or a scene gets stuck in your head. It fades in and out of your thoughts, gently prodding you to put it down on paper. Eventually that gentle prodding turns into pulverizing fists and you can’t ignore the story anymore.

It begs to be put down on paper and the only relief you’ll find is when those fingers get to typing. So it was with the following poem which first came to me in a dream a week or so ago. I woke up and thought, “shit, I better write this down.” Alas, I did not and the poem faded with the light, as so many dreams are wont to do. It wouldn’t, however, stay dead and it kept creeping into that little space in the back of my head, you know the one, and it slowly started scratching on the door, in the vast hallway where so many of my stories have gone to rest.

Last night, the little fucker must have gotten a battering ram because he wouldn’t let me sleep with his constant slamming around in there. So, I decided to set it free to the world. Let it flourish or die, it matters not, only that it now has a home to call it’s own. Enjoy.

Breathe deep; earthy notes and ingrained grape

Mingled essence perfumes the air

Taste deep; sweet and slightly warm we meet

Drink deep; all of you, to the last drop

Gaze deep; another pour

Always wanting more

Not love at first sight

Love at first taste

Lips and tongue caress

Separate once, but now one

Love deep; intoxication of my soul

Divinity upon release

Your taste lingers; a memory

Earthy with a hint of grape


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